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1. Locke a. Social i. Life liberty property ii. Individual is greater than the community iii. Separation between church and state b. Economic i. Manual labor + land = property = citizen ii. Industrious, agrarian - property iii. Individual labor c. Political i. Consent or rebel 2. Protestant a. Social i. Individual will check the individual ii. Also the state will check the individual iii. Obedience b. Economic (work) i. Church works with state ii. 2 purposes individual and religious – not just improvement like locke but moral iii. God’s Predestination c. Political i. Moral – the state oversees peoples virtues 3. Thomas Jefferson a. Social i. Citizens = lockean men ii. Work = manual (farmer) iii. Autonomy! iv. Natural aristocracy – Natural inequalities
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Unformatted text preview: v. Exclusionary view of citizenship 1. No diversity or pluralism thought that blacks and native Americans were inferior race b. Economic i. Manual, autonomous, independent laborer c. Political i. Gov role in education and civic virtue ii. Gov = intervening 4. Hamilton a. Social i. Pessimistic ii. People choose the best representatives b. Economic i. c. Political i. Strong government limits individuals and factions ii. Strong central government 5. Jefferson vs. Hamilton 6. Madison a. Social b. Economic c. Political 7. Croly a. Wants to hamiltons means to get to jeffersons results i. Use big government...
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Section_Notes - v. Exclusionary view of citizenship 1. No...

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