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2. "In terms of foreign policy, Richard Nixon can only be described as a superbly successful president." Evaluate the validity of this assertion. In framing your answer, be sure to consider the Nixon administration's major policy decisions and the results that followed. Background: Wins election of 1968 (37 th President) o Appealed to “silent majority” of socially conservative Americans who disliked the hippie counterculture and anti-war demonstrators Proposal: ending Vietnam with a plan for “peace with honor” Believes that “after a period of confrontation, we are entering an era of negotiations” with Cold War adversaries (Schulzinger) His administration o Foreign policy of détente with Soviet Union AND opening of diplomatic relations with People’s Republic of China o Negotiated a ceasefire with North Vietnam, effectively ending the Vietnam War OVERALL o While he eventually resigned due to the Watergate scandal (which somewhat shadowed his success), he was mostly successful in terms of foreign policy He was successful in dealing with China and Soviet Union, however, failed in the Middle East/Third World countries and Cambodia/Laos Foreign Policy 1. THE GLOBAL ECONOMY o Nixon realized US had overreached in Vietnam in the 1960s with military commitment that caused tremendous destruction and bloodshed, economic dislocation and domestic division NEEDED NEW APPROACH Document 3: Merrill Patterson o US is not the only world power—there are 5 great
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2_Solutions - 2"In terms of foreign policy Richard Nixon...

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