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To: Dr. Walsh From: Vanessa Barela Student Date: January 29, 2006 Subject: Seeing Annie Dillard brings up many points in her essay “Seeing,” that causes the reader to want to experience the world in a different light. The assigned homework after reading this essay was to observe something in the environment as Dillard does. I spent the weekend in Chama, New Mexico, which provided for an excellent experience for this exercise. I was able to walk outside in the morning and view nature, as I had not before. I will discuss two things I saw, snow and elk. Snow is hard to come by in New Mexico, but once you go up north, it falls from the sky easily. Walking about early in the morning, I saw white on the ground. It sparkled and looked like glitter. I felt it; it was soft, feather-like, and fresh. To the touch, it was very cold, my bare hands turned pink. I tasted it. It slowly melted in my mouth and ran town my throat. I walked along the creek and saw it all around. As I stepped in it, it gave
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