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CVEN 4545 - Steel Design George.Hearn@colorado.edu OPEN WEB JOISTS. BAR JOISTS. Open web joists and bar joists are two names of the same thing: prefabricated steel trusses used to support floors and roofs. Joists are usually used in parallel and at moderate transverse spacing. We use the Vulcraft catalog for data on joists. Vulcraft provides ASD load tables for their standard joists. Joist designations identify depth, series and section number. So a 16K5 is 16 inches deep, is a 'K' series joist, and has chords and web bars for section number 5. A 16K4 joist is lighter and has less load capacity. A 16K6 joist is heavier and has greater load capacity. Some manufacturers and detailers prefer a two-digit section number. So these same joists may appear as 16K04, 16K05, and 16K06. 'K' series joists are designed for uniformly distributed loads. The shear capacity of the joists is greatest at its ends and least at its midspan. 'KCS' joists have uniform shear capacity throughout their length, and so are good for concentrated loads. 'LH' joists are used for greater spans and/or greater loads than 'K' series joists. Joist-girders are relatively heavy trusses intended to carry end
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ExJoist - CVEN 4545 - Steel Design...

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