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Collaborative Project - Collaborative Project Evaluation...

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Collaborative Project Evaluation Vanessa Barela English 112-02 Ms. Stewart-Langley Audience: Ms. Stewart-Langley Purpose: To inform February 6, 2005
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The collaborative project assignment that I worked on was with Ian Laughlin and Josh Padilla. Our project was to research individual topics and collaborate on a single topic involving our research. My group worked on the Revolutionary War and how each of our individual subjects, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Benedict Arnold, contributed to the war. I expected the collaborative project assignment to have its difficulties, but I also expected to learn new information from the process. The groups were assigned randomly, so that a bias would not be formed. We drew names and were assigned a person that could be considered a villain or a hero. After we found out what our individual topics were, we met with our group members. I was assigned Benedict Arnold. My group members were Ian and Josh, who were assigned George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, respectively. We each did a mini research paper about our individual topics. After we were finished we met again to share what we learned and to pick a focus for our presentation. Our group presentation project was selected fairly easily. We first narrowed down
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Collaborative Project - Collaborative Project Evaluation...

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