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BIBC 100 Winter 2009 Take home portion of Midterm 1) (5 points) You are studying a deadly new virus, and in the course of your studies you obtain sequence information about a viral protein, shown below: >mystery virus protein PNQTLWERALVVIHEGGFLKEGIKDTGAWDTTYEEQSLGGPWKPTMIWGILGFCKVAQYHQILVMIVGHDAGGTWLV GNTPVNSIGGNLLTNIGCAHQFPRSPIEFDPVKLIYACFYLPHHAVIKLDSLTTKCRVVFDGSGKDSSGVSLNDRLH IGPPIQRDLFGVCLRFRQHQYVLCADVEKMFRGIKVFKPDQKYQYILWRNSPKEKIKTYKLTTVTYGTASAPYLATR VLVDIADKCKNQVISAIIRNDFYADQIMTDAILWPYRDLNPEAVINQYGDDHHVQTLLRIPQHCASSEELQWHLWLK GATTGGPPFMKMVYELRPDDATVEPIELWEIDSKLVNDIQDLVWDLYKASNIESGSDVMQLYRLLCGTRALTNVVAL TQEAYLIHAE What does this sequence information tell you about the protein? What might it be doing? Describe it structurally, if information is available. It might help to document where you are looking/getting your information and to describe your thought process. 2) (5 points) A colleague of yours looks over your data, and suggests that a patient suffering from an
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Unformatted text preview: infection with this virus might benefit from the drug Lopinavir. Evaluate this idea, and explain why you think it might or might not help. (Hint: think of Lopinavir as a ligand for your protein). A hint about using WebMol: You can use the “Select” button on the middle right of screen, and this will bring up a list of amino acids in a structure. You can then select a “Method” on that pop up screen to display “SC vs. SC” (side chains), and on that same pop up change the “Width” to 3. When you hit the “Apply” button those side chains will be highlighted (thicker) in the structure. To turn in this portion of the midterm, write (or type) your Name, Student ID, and your answers to questions 1 and 2 on a single piece of paper. I will take them up when I pass out the rest of the Midterm on Tuesday....
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