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Benedict Arnold - Benedict Arnold: Hero or Villain? Vanessa...

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Benedict Arnold: Hero or Villain? Vanessa Barela English 112-02 Ms. Stewart-Langley Audience: Classmates Purpose: To Inform February 6, 2005
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Barela Benedict Arnold is not just a dish at an IHOP restaurant or an insult to a traitor; he was an important historical figure in United States history. He was born on January 14, 1741, into a well-respected family in the Americas. 1 He was apprenticed as an apothecary when he was young and sold potions after the French and Indian War. 2 During the French and Indian War, he joined the colonial troops and sailed in a birch back canoe invasion. 3 He was one of the American Generals of Revolutionary War. His name is associated with invading Canada, foiling General Burgoyne’s raid, and betraying the Americas in 1780. 4 Benedict Arnold is considered to be a villain because he betrayed his country that he had fought for during the Revolutionary War. Arnold was brought up in a very religious home. He was “under the influence of the strictest kind of New England thought,” 5 but he was not so religious as to stay loyal to his country. Arnold’s involvement in history began after the British had set forth many laws that America did not agree with. Many of the “Intolerable Acts” 6 were protested; and after no agreement formed, an independence movement was organized. He joined the coalition to fight against the British. The Revolutionary War began. His first battle was the battle of Bunker Hill.
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Benedict Arnold - Benedict Arnold: Hero or Villain? Vanessa...

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