Notes_from_Class_Lec - to changes in every other element-Conflict theorists view change rather than stability as normal in society-Conflict

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Notes from Class Lecture on 9/9/08 Major Sociological Perspectives -Structural functionalism and conflict theory are macrosociological perspectives, whereas symbolic interactionism is a microsociological perspective -Marx is the main theorist of conflict theory -Durkheim is the main theorist of structural functionalism -George Herbert Mead is the main theorist of symbolic interactionism -Structural functionalists interpret all social groups (from families to whole societies) as systems whose parts are interdependent so that a change in one element necessarily leads
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Unformatted text preview: to changes in every other element.-Conflict theorists view change, rather than stability, as normal in society.-Conflict theorists view society as an arena in which different individuals and groups struggle with each other in order to obtain scarce resources, especially property, prestige and power. -Symbolic interactionists emphasize that larger social structures (e.g., organizations, institutions, groups, etc.) are nothing more than the creations of interacting people and that they can, therefore, be changed....
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