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Criteria - between features you deem important Return...

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Peter Schnelle RET 261 A40321951 1-28-09 Criteria Craigslist Newegg.com Price $450 but the price is negotiable $799.99 Company Reputation Sketchy, as each vendor is different Has a high reputation and many religious customers. Customer Base The customer base is varied, but usually consists of somewhat tech-savvy people. Usually the tech savvy bargain hunters. Customer Service Little to none, unless you sign some sort of contract at the point of sale. Very good customer service, with phone support available, short hold times. Choice/ Selection Varies extremely day to day. Not as high as some larger vendors, but varied enough. Way to decide between different options Browsing through independently posted ads. Also a search feature Has a helper on the side which lets you choose
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Unformatted text preview: between features you deem important. Return Policy None. 30 day money back. 1 year replacement. Decision Process There is a lot of bargaining involved, especially when the sale is close to being completed. Little to no bargaining power, usually the draw to Newegg.com is the sales and open box items. Time required to arrive at purchasing decision. Well, this can vary widely, as it takes time to find out a time to inspect the product and barter the final purchasing price. Very quick, as it is an online retailer. Type of payment Cash only, sometimes a personal check or trade. Credit card, money order. Other items purchased in shopping trip None None Peter Schnelle RET 261 A40321951 1-28-09...
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