DDT vs - • Malaria costs Uganda $347 million dollars a...

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DDT vs. Malaria OUTLINE Peter Schnelle A40321951 Malaria, while no longer getting much attention is one of the biggest killers on our planet today. This issue is made further complex by the fact that the single most effective eradicator of the disease, and insecticide called DDT, is banned in many countries because of its inherent environmental hazards. While the human toll is large, our efforts must be focused on finding an alternative to DDT that does not have such a negative effect on so many species. Three hundred million people are estimated to contract malaria this year, with 2 million of those people dying. On a side note, 90 percent of these people will be from Africa. DDT has no known harmful effects towards humans. No international aid group will advocate or provide funds for the use of DDT.
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Unformatted text preview: • Malaria costs Uganda $347 million dollars a year. • It costs African countries collectively an estimated 3 to 12 billion a year. • Half of the Malaria related deaths in Uganda were of children under 5. • One of the most important books in the history of DDT is “Silent Spring” by Rachel Corson, it talks about how DDT can leak into the soil and waters where prey animals absorb the chemical, and the birds who eat the prey animals start to collect the poison. If the poison does not kill them from overloading their systems, it makes the egg shells too thin and brittle. • 90% of the deaths from malaria are in Africa. • DDT was banned in the United States in 1972....
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DDT vs - • Malaria costs Uganda $347 million dollars a...

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