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Peter Schnelle A40321951 9-10-08 ISB 201L "Malaria". CDC. 9-14-08 <>. "Mosquitos". SF Environment. 9-14-08 <>. Butler, Rhett A. . "Deforestation in the Amazon". MongaBay. 9-14-08 <>. Guarda, Javier Aramburu and Cesar Ramal Asayag, Richard Witzig. "Malaria Reemergence in the Peruvian Amazon Region." BNet. 1999. . 14 September, 2008.
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Unformatted text preview: <>. Hance, Jeremy. "Large-scale Amazon deforestation or drying would have dire global consequences". MongaBay. 9-14-08 <>. Phillips, Tom. "Brazil: Deforestation rises sharply as farmers push into Amazon". 9-10-08 < gusrc=rss&feed=environment>....
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