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01/14/09 LSJ 361 Advantages to the US constitution with few amendments. Legitimacy Specific amendments for specific situations Disadvantages More rigid (more amendments require greater future amendments) More difficult to understand and learn Myths Activist law – Rehnquist court overturned more laws than the sixties court All rights are protected – Protected Unprotected Race Sexual orientation Sex Class/Economic Religion Nationality Age Disability Collateral damages defined – is litigation a problem in the US – java jive McDonalds
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Unformatted text preview: Bill of Rights incorporation – how is it applied. Civil law, criminal law defined Preponderance of evidence vs. beyond a reasonable doubt Case law lookup Alien v Predator (2009) 409 US 37 Petitioner v Respondent (Year) CASE# COURT VOLUME# Lower courts – Petitioner brings case Higher courts – Appellant – petitioner lost Leftist Rightist Scalia Thomas Steven Alito Ginsburg Breyer Kennedy Roberts Souter...
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