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01/09/2009 IIIII LSJ 361 Quiz Section 1) Judicial Review a) Jurisdiction – the ability to hear a case - i) Federal jurisdiction (1) Crimes involving multiple states (2) Crimes involving federal law (3) Territories, Washington DC, Military Bases, Commerce or seas ii) How do people become a Federal justice? (1) Approved by senate, apt. by president. (a) State and local are elected. iii) Federal justice appointments are for life – politics matter 2) Federal Structure a) Supreme Court Highest Court – discretionary jurisdiction – social issue – political trends – uniformity in state application – political agenda – original jurisdiction –
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Unformatted text preview: attorney general political actor may have sway i) Appellate Courts – Circuit Courts (13 total) (1) District Courts b) Definition - Amicus Curiae – friend of the court brief – interested parties write in a lawsuit in which they are not involved. c) Definition - Write of certiorari – grants that the case will be heard by the Supreme Court. d) What do the clerks do? i) Examine cases and determine which cases the justices will want to look at. e) District Court – fact finding courts f) Circuit Courts – appeal on a rule of law – debating points of law 3) Myths a)...
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