1-28 notes - ii) Agrees with holding, forget the value...

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01/28/2009 LSJ 379 1) Free Speech i) What should be protected? (a) Does not involve street speech – popular speech. ii) Founders were protecting dissenting political opinions 2) Cohen v California i) Fuck the draft ii) Ca. prohibiting specific speech iii) “can California excise as offensive conduct one specifically offensive act” (1) Categorical approach (a) Libel (b) Obscenity (c) Fighting words (2) Speech plus conduct (3) Time Place Manner (4) Overbreadth 3) FCC v Pacifica 1978 a) FCC wins b) Constricts freedom of speech c) Concurrence with flawed logic i) Uniquely persuasive because it comes into peoples houses ii) Uniquely Accessible to children d) If this was political speech it would ultimately be similar to restricting a printing press i) Critique of society, takes away the words power, could be seen as a form of political opinion e) Powell’s concurrence – less valuable than a political candidates opinion. i) Avenue, place – need to protect the children
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Unformatted text preview: ii) Agrees with holding, forget the value judgment because it is broadcast media. f) TEST – Chiplinsky – tight social value balancing test value vs. societies right to order 4) Civil Liberties v Civil Rights a) Civil Rights – take action to protect b) Civil Liberties – actions that the government cannot restrict 5) Hate crimes – patterns, power, minority/majority 6) R.A.V. v St. Paul a) R.A.V. wins – expanding free speech rights - unanimous b) TEST – Chiplinsky test again c) Government can disallow categories but the not specific ideas within categories. i) Must disallow all fighting words not just intimidating fighting words d) Not overly broad but also not overly narrow 7) Wisconsin v Mitchell a) Wisconsin wins, unanimous – Sentence enhancements – are totally seen to be left up to the state government....
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1-28 notes - ii) Agrees with holding, forget the value...

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