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definition assignment

definition assignment - Flocculation is a process where...

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Vanessa Barela July 9, 2007 English 341 Definition Assignment Expert Audience Flocculation is a process where chemicals added to wastewater cause any suspended soils left in the wastewater to coagulate and fall out by forming larger particles that are denser. Flocculation is a process where colloidal particles fall out of a solution in the form of large particles known as floc. The process is assisted by the addition of chemicals that cause the particles to aggregate to form larger floc that will settle to the bottom of the solution by gravity. These particles can then be collected, which increases the visibility in the water and brings down the turbidity. The flocculation process is important because it allows colloidal particles to be removed that may not be removed otherwise. The step also allows for coagulation of the particles. Lay Audience Parenthetical Definition: to form large masses from smaller with chemicals
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Unformatted text preview: Flocculation is a process where chemicals are added to wastewater that makes the small masses in the water form larger masses by sticking together. The particles will eventually fall to the bottom because they are heavier than before. Flocculation is a process where large masses fall out of wastewater after chemicals; these particles are known as floc. Chemicals that are added cause the smaller particles to stick together and form larger particles that fall to the bottom of the wastewater. These larger particles can be taken out using a filter, which will make the wastewater clearer and easier to see through. The process is important because the small particles cannot be removed from wastewater as easily as large particles. Many of the small particles cannot be removed without this process....
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