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Unformatted text preview: Research Project for 110 Dr. Chella Courington A research paper is a composition that takes into account other ideas and opinions on a topic in addition to your own ideas and opinions. As in other essays, this paper should have an introduction with a solid thesis, well-supported and developed body paragraphs with topic sentences, and a thoughtful conclusion. Please consult the "OWL (Purdue U) Research" link on the course page for hints on writing a research paper: how to develop an outline, paraphrase, avoid plagiarism, quote, use statistics, and write a thesis statement. Except for capital punishment and abortion, the topic for the research paper is open. The "Purdue Online Writing Lab" link on your course page and The Brief Penguin Handbook are the recommended sources for research instruction and documentation. All papers should adhere to MLA guidelines. Step One: Research Proposal Due 4-9 Choose a topic that interests you and focus it appropriately so that the thesis can be handled adequately in 2400- 3000 words. The proposal is like a contract between the writer and the instructor, committing the writer to the 3000 words....
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