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Research Proposal MOIT - this is something that will...

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Matt Heelan Research Proposal Do you believe In Miracles? I plan to write my research paper on the Miracle on Ice hockey Team which was the 1980 US Olympic hockey team that beat the soviets. I plan to explore why they are called the Miracle on ice team and the affect it had on society. I also plan to explore the team itself and what it took and would have been like to be on this team. I plan to interview one of the players that was on the team that is now a professional hockey coach and has coached me. Questions 1) Was the movie accurate a. Was it a correct portrayal 2) What affect did it have on society 3) What was the team like a. What did it take b. How did it feel 4) Why was it called the Miracle on ice team I have some idea of some of these questions but I plan to go more in depth and explore the details of the team. I think that I will be able to explore this subject well through the movie and books and past news articles there are. I also plan to interview the player that I know. I think that
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Unformatted text preview: this is something that will interest me because of my love for the sport of hockey and also my background in hockey so it will allow me to gain a deeper meaning and understanding of the game and the team. I actually have a copy of the actual game itself so I plan to watch that and compare it to the movie and also see the reactions of people and the possible interviews if they are on the video. This subject is one that changed history and is an inspiration for hockey player like me. So this subject is one that I will enjoy researching and finding as much information as I can. Possible Sources 1) USA Hockey Association 2) Movies ( new and actual game footage) Do you Believe in Miracles (documentary and that explores the political and social landscape of the time) 3) http://www.miracleonice.us/coaches.html 4) Former Player on the Team 5) ESPN or Newspapers from the time of the even...
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