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English 110 Monday 6-9 The Bottom of Racism Throughout history racism has always been and issue that is constantly changing. Therefore racism is a reoccurring theme throughout life and in the book Sula by Toni Morrison. This book takes place from 1919 to 1965 in a place known as “The Bottom”, a hilly area above Medallion, Ohio. The novel is about “the Bottom” and the African Americans who live there. It starts by introducing the main characters who are Shadrack who is a shell shocked WWI veteran who creates a day called national suicide day. Shadrack is the only one who attends this event but every January 3 he invites towns’ people to come commit suicide in memory of the crazy life they live. Shadrack lives in a shack and tends to wander aimlessly and ramble. Eva Peace who is Sula’s grandmother is a single mother who sacrifices a leg to get insurance money so she can feed her children. Eva eventually has to kill Plum her son because he is slowly killing himself with drugs. Then there is Nel Wright who is Sula’s best friend and is an opposite of Sula. Nel is a young lady who was brought up in a strict environment. She is a young lady who obeys her mother. Nel is a traditional and respectable. Then finally there is Sula who is the main character and a dark character who represents evil and the devil in a lot of ways throughout the novel. She goes against everything that society wants a girl to represent. This is what makes her the opposite of Nel. Sula has a birthmark over her eye that is shaped like that of a rose. Sula leaves “The Bottom” for ten years at one point in the novel. Sula then comes back more sophisticated but still misunderstood. All these characters live in the bottom for a period of time throughout the novel. Also all of them are African-American which allows the issue of racism to be introduced into the
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sula essay - Matt Heelan English 110 Monday 6-9 The Bottom...

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