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Atkins Diet - Cut Calories Not Carbs The Atkins diet was a...

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Cut Calories Not Carbs
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The Atkins diet was a revolutionary weight loss solution that hit America in the 1990s. The skeptical diet that allowed the consumption of many unhealthy, but delicious foods almost all Americans craved, had swept the nation. The success of the high protein diet nearly crushed many industries that manufactured and produced foods with high amounts of carbohydrates. In specific: cereals, breads, noodles, and doughnuts were all greatly affected by this new diet that changed many American’s eating habits. Many restaurants also followed the craze and modified menus to fit the needs of many overweight Americans searching for answers to fight their weight. With the media sharing the countless stories of weight loss success by the Atkins followers, many began to hop on board this diet. Many thought this was the diet that was different from the rest, and they to would be able to join the success of the millions of others. But the Atkins in actuality is not an effective diet to keep weight off. The Atkins doesn’t stop weight loss because of the high protein and low carbohydrate diet, rather because Atkins followers eat fewer calories. The founder Dr Robert Atkins first began his diet in the early 1960s. “The basic premise of the Atkins Diet is that calories don't matter. While severely restricting the
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