Brooke Kroeger’s Passing

Brooke Kroeger’s Passing - Final Copy October...

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Final Copy October 18, 2005 Values over Race Essay number two of Brooke Kroeger’s Passing gives a psychological account of a white teacher who is misidentified as black. With being half Italian, the young teacher’s tan complexion leaves many in society with inaccurate perceptions of her race. During her time teaching in Essex County Virginia, her social life was dominantly with blacks. Her boyfriend, a half-black-half Puerto Rican, carried a very dark complexion, which further enhanced many peoples opinion of her also being part black. As her relationship with her boyfriend moved to the next level, she began to doubt whether she would ever be able to live the remainder of her life with a man of color. Her thoughts on blacks began to shift back to their roots. Growing up in a predominantly white town, she was raised with firm beliefs on the black race. Kroeger illustrates through the young teacher that one’s family values as a child and values as an adult will ultimately preclude the acceptance of another race. From an early age, the young teacher’s viewpoint towards the black race was greatly influenced by the way of life in her home town. She heard the stories of people of color moving in to her neighborhood. “Neighbors apparently pooled funds to buy the house back from the people and they quietly moved on. That was the way it was”
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Brooke Kroeger’s Passing - Final Copy October...

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