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Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay - In a sense organized gambling or...

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In a sense, organized gambling or legalized casinos are to the economy, what baking soda is to a sandwich bag filled with vinegar. When organized gambling is introduced into an economy, the economy continuously grows at an increased rate; much like the reaction an individual would get if they mixed baking soda and vinegar. Moreover, an economy with legalized gambling has a greater chance to succeed than an economy without organized gambling because of the positive contributions that gambling offers. Organized gambling has revitalized many local communities. In fact, Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr., President and CEO of American Gaming Association, stated “…a casino of even limited attractiveness, placed in a market that is not already saturated, will yield positive economic benefits on net to its host economy.” Because of the potential benefits to the economy, organized gambling should be legalized. In order to revitalize a local economy, gambling should be legalized because it helps schools, creates jobs, and boost revenues. Organized gambling benefits public schools because it increases the schools budget. For example, William V. Ackerman (1999), a professor at Ohio State University, stated “The Deadwood school district budget increased from $4.9 to $6.1 million between 1989 and 1990.” The budget increased because organized gambling boosted the revenue or income of the city. Furthermore, the casinos benefited the school because most of the increased revenue was used to raise the salaries and fringe benefits of teachers and support staff. Another reason gambling benefits public school is because of the specific taxes that
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are established. Found in a publication, Arthur Andersen Inc. (1999), a non-profit organization that studies the gambling business, stated, “Gaming taxes are often designated by state and local government to pay for such services as infrastructure improvements, education, and historical restoration.” These taxes are designed to increase the budgets of public schools and to pay for the education of children. To increase the budgets of public
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Argumentative Essay - In a sense organized gambling or...

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