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ceramic precis outline

ceramic precis outline - > what were available> where...

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Sheet1 Page 1 - tea bowls unique to impress --> vintage - recent archaeological excavations of Momoyama period and early Edo period sites in Japan - buy pots in Sanjo Street (antiques and brand new pots) --> these astonishing finds of raw dada provide an extraordinary detailed pic of the presence of ceramics in Momoyama Jap - the paper discusses the ceramics of Momoyama period thru the focial point of the market
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Unformatted text preview: -> what were available?-> where they came from?-> where they were sold-> who sold them and how much- related reasearch bring to light the personality of the merchants and eager consumers-> challenge early consideration of momo period jap ceramics exclu. as objects of aesthetic appreciation- Chanoyu = form of displaying collections of chinese ceramics...
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