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Ise Shrine Precis - architects from other places, who...

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SID: 19185396 Sec: 104 Pao-Yuan Tso, The Art Bulletin , Vol. 83, No. 2, (Jun., 2001), pp. 316-341 Published by: College Art Association As the world advances while more people get exposed to different cultures, shrines at Ise have also significantly transformed, in terms of their aesthetics, purposes, and values. Ise Shrine was passionately respected by the imperial family, being established as the site to worship their celestial ancestors. Emperor Sujin once even ordered the shrine to the sun goddess to be move away from the palace, being that it was too powerful (5). Contemporary, whether Ise is still treasured as much as before is, without a doubt, questionable. Conspicuously, Ise is eluding from its original spiritual purpose, reverence to the gods. It is not only transformed into a tourist site, but also judged by ignorant
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Unformatted text preview: architects from other places, who frequently claims that it is deprived of the delicate and intricate designs that defines a genuine artistic structure (7). Reynold, by outlining the way Ise is perceived by different people, be it emperors, pilgrims, or tourists, effectively portrays the notion that Ise tend to be appreciated by those who understand its spiritual significance within the Japanese society. Questions: 1. Are the shrines associated with any particular religion, such as buddihism? 2. How often is Ise utilized as a sacred site for spiritual practice today, given the number of tourists, investors, and architects is increasing? 3. Why do some companies embed their names into the shrines? Is it believed to have the power to give them fortune?...
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