Precis #2 - pagoda realizes that pagodas durability is...

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Name: Pao-Yuan Tso SID: 19185396 Ueda Atsushi, “The Riddle of Japan’s Quakeproof Pagodas” Goju no to (1994): 58-65 The astonishing resistance of pagodas, or tall pyramid-like sacred towers, to a variety of nature’s forces, earthquakes being most common, remains enigmatic and questionable for centuries. The amalgamation of Western and Asian architectural techniques has played a significant role in the unravelling of such obscurity and complexity. Structures designed solely by Japanese architects, depending on skills from their own culture, often collapse as a result of natural disasters (3). Hence, holding obdurately onto their cultural style is not beneficial towards their civilization. Furthermore, Ueda Atsushi, who had believed that shinbashira is the main support for the
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Unformatted text preview: pagoda, realizes that pagodas durability is complimented by modern building techniques from the West (8). This depicts the importance of blending ideas from different cultures, acknowledging Western scientific methods. Atsushi’s argument is not only convincing, but also enlightening, illustrating the development and constant improvement of Japanese architecture, in terms of sturdiness. More importantly, he revealed to me the value of multiculturalism and acceptance. Questions: 1.) What other structures in Japan use the same technique as that of Pagodas? 2.) Does the blending of Western and Asian civilization affect the West? 3.) What type of religious value do pagodas have? Name: Pao-Yuan Tso SID: 19185396...
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Precis #2 - pagoda realizes that pagodas durability is...

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