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precis ceramics - Besides being used exclusively for...

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Pao-Yuan (Betty) Tso #19185396 Sec: 104 Louise Cort, “Shopping for Pots,” in The Arts of Japan: An International Symposium , ed. Miyeko Murase (New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000), 161-181. Ceramics of the Momoyama period, having specific availability, price, origin, and purpose, depended not only largely on the market. Nonetheless, foreign trade and international cooperation also played crucial roles in making these productions possible. In the production of ceramics, which were in high demands during the Momoyama period, depended immensely on the availability of foreign goods throughout Asia and Europe. For example, Japan was a key source of gold and silver. Hence, the “wealth of this [international] trade fuelled ceramic production (4).” These ceramics were in such high demands because it served many important purposes.
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Unformatted text preview: Besides being used exclusively for aesthetic appreciation or as tableware, these ceramics were often “…gifts to facilitate important private negotiations (9).” Furthermore, many people documented their purchases, in terms of uniqueness and value, in order to show off their discoveries. Louise Cort’s article has made strong points regarding the productivity and purchases of ceramic in the Momoyama period. These points of strengthened by the author’s effective organizational skills. By dividing the article into categories, the author clearly illustrated the nature of such demands. Questions: 1.) What features make certain ceramic a lot more valuable than others? 2.) Were ceramics often used as ritualistic items in Buddhist temples? 3.) Do the patterns and pictures on the ceramics symbolize anything particular?...
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precis ceramics - Besides being used exclusively for...

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