Precis hokusai

Precis hokusai - country(6.” These contrasting...

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Pao-Yuan Tso (19185396) Sec: 104 Inaga Shigemi. "The Making of Hokusai's Reputation in the Context of Japonisme," Japan Review 15 (2003): 77-100. Hokusai, one of the best-known painters in the world, had a reputation, especially in Europe, that was developed by social and historical conditions, which enabled and prepared the way for his successful status. “Hokusai’s reputation as the most eminent Japanese painter owes mainly to the interpretations of French ‘Japonisants’ (2).” Philippe Burty, a republican art critique, built Hokusai’s reputation by citing “…twenty- eight famous books by Hokusai (1).” Moreover, Hokusai is praised by many other French critiques for the rigidity, expressions, and truthfulness of his paintings. However, many people, especially Anglo-Saxon specialists, found Hokusai’s art to be “… not only ridiculous, but also potentially harmful to his posthumous reputation in his native
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Unformatted text preview: country (6).” These contrasting interpretations definitely contributed immensely to Europe’s own development of art. Inaga Shigemi effectively illustrates the process of and reasons behind Hokusai’s eminence by making many references to people, specifically art critiques, and their work. By drawing a parallel between Japanese and European art, the author delineates Hokusai’s impact on the development of art, in terms of expressions and techniques, throughout the world. Questions: 1.) Did politics play any specific role in art development during the 19 th century (since the author did mention republicans)? 2.) Was Hokusai’s art Westerners’ basis of judgement of Asian art? How do they know that Japanese art is superior to that of China? 3.) How did Hokusai respond to critiques?...
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Precis hokusai - country(6.” These contrasting...

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