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essay 1 draft - Pao-Yuan Tso Essay#1 Rough Draft...

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Pao-Yuan Tso Essay #1 Rough Draft Illusionary Distortions External reality is a solidified terracotta figure with a definite, unchangeable shape. On the other hand, internal reality, or illusive entity, is a lump of clay that can be molded into different shapes and forms. In other words, it is erratic and deceptive, frequently depending on the individual’s perception and desires. Unrealism, or fiction, in Memento is conspicuously delineated as a defence mechanism employed by Leonard in attempt to reshape external reality, thus alleviating inner tensions and uncertainty. More importantly, it helps him eliminate the need to cope with truth and gives him a sense of purpose. The scene where Leonard strangles Jimmy to death then destroys evidence portrays his attempt to alter truth by manipulating his consciousness, or the fictional reality that occurs within his mind. However, external actuality, or occurrences outside of people’s consciousness, is permanent and real. It can only be misinterpreted
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essay 1 draft - Pao-Yuan Tso Essay#1 Rough Draft...

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