essay 1 final - Pao-Yuan (Betty) Tso Essay #1 Final...

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Pao-Yuan (Betty) Tso Essay #1 Final Illusionary Distortions External reality is a lump of clay without a definite figure . It is molded into different shapes and forms by internal reality, or illusive entity, thus revealing abstract visuals and ideas . In other words, external reality is erratic and deceptive, frequently depending on the individual’s interpretation and inner desires . Whether the perceived reality is actually true is difficult, if not almost impossible, to determine since most people, including Leonard and movie spectators, have different perceptions and means of interpretation . Fiction in Memento is delineated as a defence mechanism employed by Leonard in attempt to reshape external reality, thus alleviating inner tensions and uncertainty . Some scenes in the movie conspicuously illustrate the ways in which the protagonist’s inner lies cause him to misconstrue the outside . Other scenes, on the other hand, are more ambiguous, showing what Leonard interprets as truth without justification or assurance . More importantly, it helps him eliminate the need to cope with truth and gives him a sense of purpose . The scene in which Leonard strangles Jimmy to death then destroys the evidence
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essay 1 final - Pao-Yuan (Betty) Tso Essay #1 Final...

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