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essay 2 final - Pao-Yuan(Betty Tso Essay#2 Final...

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Pao-Yuan (Betty) Tso Essay #2 Final Unification of Diegetic and Nondiegetic Sound Uncertainly is a weakness that causes people to become vulnerable to manipulation, hence losing their ability to recognize their own consciousness. Zentropa emphasizes people’s powerlessness against the inexorable, mastermind control, which has the capability to furtively devour their souls and, in Leo Kessler’s case, even lives . This notion is conveyed through the film’s off-screen narration, which functions as a significant character in the film, playing a crucial role in not only the establishment and development of Kessler’s vacillation and paranoia, but also the delineation of his vulnerability to manipulation . The form of the narrative is blurred, in terms of its distinction between diegetic and nondiegetic sound . Within different sequences, diegetic and nondiegetic sound frequently alternates, eventually fusing into an integral whole, accentuating Zentropa ’s theme of manipulation . Furthermore, this ambiguous off-screen voice is a profound, formal motif that discloses and reverberates Leo’s mental process and consciousness since the information revealed in the film regarding character motives is restricted and external, depending immensely on the dialogues and actions that occur within the film . While this off- screen voice frequently interacts with Kessler by means of hypnotic trance in order to portray his internal dilemma and suspicion towards the Zentropa Company and those who may be trying to
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take advantage of him, it also influences viewers, stirring a sense of scepticism and coercing them to cross over the threshold of self-awareness and enter the dream-like world of Zentropa . As the voice counts towards ten, it directly tells, if not assures, the audience that it will help them and guide them deeper into Europa, and then it hypnotizes them to feeling certain sensations, such as the “warmth spreading through their arms to their shoulders and neck .” This off-screen voice, speaking in second person point of view, is controlling . And what it conveys is
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essay 2 final - Pao-Yuan(Betty Tso Essay#2 Final...

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