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COMM 2400 Midterm - COMM 2400 Chapter 1 Big Bang: the...

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COMM 2400 Chapter 1 Big Bang : the introduction of the WWW (world wide web) information management : another skill that will be essential to information seekers and users 4 functions that messages may fulfill : 1) inform 2) educate 3) entertain 4) persuade converged media : highly interactive media formats. Ex. electronic newspapers, advertiser sites there is a swing-back to the days of fee-based (paid for) information publishers realize they can’t subsidize the high cost of production. They need to get $ Chapter 2 5 strengths of the information strategy process: 1) think through messages purpose, context, audience, and key topics 2) guides I.D and selection of a manageable portion of topics 3) in-depth examination of the segment of the topic 4) helps I.D appropriate sources and effective techniques 5) context for creating a unified, coherent, focused message 5 specific elements that affect the information requirements : 1) locally relevant info: speak to audience, local angle 2) timely 3) accuracy : resolve inconsistencies in information 4) variety of viewpoints : different perspectives on issues 5) attribution of information : where the information came from Context of Message Analysis : who is my audience? message purpose message format and channel Content of Message Analysis : what is the topic? topic terminology questions to be answered narrowing the focus
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4 contributors of information valuable to a mass communication message : 1) informal : individuals w/ ideas & opinions 2) institutional : from neighborhoods to general motors 3) scholarly : work produced by educational institutions 4) journalistic
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COMM 2400 Midterm - COMM 2400 Chapter 1 Big Bang: the...

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