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GlobalEconomics Exam Two

GlobalEconomics Exam Two - How does the concept of...

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Global Economics Exam Two: Due Dec 2 nd . Part 1: 1. The giant sucking sound of jobs being lost to Mexico, as famously predicted by Ross Perot: Did it in fact exist? True or False? 2. The developed world has higher tariffs then the developing. True or False? 3. The only benefit of trade is lower prices. True or False? 4. In the mid-60 s Africa was projected to be the next center of economic growth. True or False? Part 2: Pick 4 questions and write a concise half page (Times New Roman, Double Spaced, and Font 12). 6. Discrimination is often both costly financially and morally. It is still common.
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Unformatted text preview: How does the concept of asymmetrical information cause discrimination to be a continuing situation? 7. The power of the “ golden arches ” reduces risk. Explain how. 8. Increasing human capital seems to be heavily associated both with growth but also with societal changes. Why does increasing women’s education decrease fertility rates? 9. In the OECD agricultural protections are heavily supported by both politicians and the voting population. Give two reasons why. 10. Should trade policies take human rights or environmental protections into consideration?...
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