Jonestown_Draft - Jonestown: Massacre or Martyrdom? By:...

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Jonestown: Massacre or Martyrdom? By: Danny Bell
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The 1970’s where an era of great social change. The proper name for this event is called the civil rights movement. It led people to redefine the way we look at the people and the world around us. Yet the 70’s wasn’t only flowers. It had its fair share qualms and disputes, many as a direct result of the civil rights movement that was going on. Most were seeded by the people who could not get used to the movement. Yet there was at least one man who accepted the civil rights movement and still caused much grief. This man was Jim Jones, the pastor of the Peoples Temple. While his involvement in the civil rights movement is only partial and should not tarnish such a great movement, it is important to introduce Mr. Jones as a man of the times. Jim Jones was a very charismatic preacher, and he controlled an almost hypnotizing control over his parishioners. Many people were attracted to his church because of his acceptance of anyone no matter what race they were. After a short time Mr. Jones began abusing his power for his own gains, whether it was cashing the social security
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Jonestown_Draft - Jonestown: Massacre or Martyrdom? By:...

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