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Petronas presentation 2

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Unformatted text preview: Petronas Twin Towers Petronas Jose Pacheco Waqas Khan Bwezani Mokuka Erwin Guzman Main Function-Why was it built? Main Primary reason: to house the headquarters of Petronas. Part of a large burst of construction that marked the country’s 1990’s economic boom. Offices for the Petronas Company and other subsidiaries. (Tower 1) Other offices including Al Jazeera, Boeing, IBM, Microsoft, McKinsey and more (Tower 2) Sky Bridge “Evacuation Plan” Designers and Constructors The designer of the building was the architect from Argentina, Cesar Pelli. Since it was such a huge project, the towers were constructed by two different teams. Tower 1 was built by Hazama Corporation, Tower 2 by Samsung Engineering & Construction and the Sky bridge by Kukdong Engineering & Construction Structure located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Jan 1992: Mar 1993: Apr 1994 Start of project Start of foundation Construction of the planning. work superstucture Construction Timeline Construction Jul 1995: Jan 1996: Mar 1996: Lifting of the Fitting out of the interior...
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