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Ilana Edelman T.A.: Adena Hefets PAM 2300 Section Assignment: Genetically Modified Foods 1. In 2006, a bill was proposed in the US house of representatives, “to amend the federal food, drug, and cosmetic act with respect to the safety of genetically engineered foods.” Using Lexis Nexis, locate the text and legislative summary for this bill. a. Provide the bill number and title for this piece of legislation HR 6635: Genetically Engineered Safety Act b. Who is the key sponsor Dennis Kucinich, D-OH c. Did this bill become a law? If so, when? If not, where in the legisltative process is it now and when was the last action taken? Has not yet become law, introduced in House July 29,2008 currently in House Committee on Agriculture 2. Apple B is a genetically modified organism modeled on Apple A,
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Unformatted text preview: and has been designed to grow larger, have glossier skin, and to be a darker shade of red than Apple A. In order for Apple B to be considered “substantially equivalent” to Apple A, it must share certain characteristics with Apple A. List and explain four of these characteristics. Fully reference your sources. There are four steps that the new apple must have in order to be considered a “substantial equivalent” of Apple A. Step 1: the new apple must have the same indication statement as the first apple. Step 2: “Does the new device have the same technological characteristics, e.g. design, materials, etc?” Step 3: The new characteristics may not affect safety or effectiveness Step 4: The descriptive characteristics must be precise enough to ensure equivalence....
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