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Health Policy Notes

Health Policy Notes - o Income distribution re-distributive...

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U.S. health policy Government inolvement in the health care market o As health insurer Medicare/Medicaid Veterans, military personnel, native americans o As direct provider of services Government paid employees in veteran system Government paid employees in DOD system Public hospitals, clinics, psychiatric centers o Financier of research and monitoring public health Centers of disease control NIH biomed research o Tax policy ‘sin’ tax tax credits for employer spending on health insurance o Regulator Drugs and medical devices Setting reimbursement rates for providers in medicare/Medicaid Regulation of payment rates Capacity approvals for nursing homes Insurance rate regulation Standards for malpractice litigation Justification o Externalities: individual lifestyle choices o Market failures: support/replace markets
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Unformatted text preview: o Income distribution: re-distributive properties • Determinants of Health o Lifestyle Risk perceptions Risky behavior o Public health o Medical care o Random effects • 3 Goals of a public health delivery system o Right amount of care o To right amount of people o Costs equitably distributed • What has accounted for the increase in per capita medical care expenditures? o Natural aging of population o Income Per capita income rises, health is a normal good o Spread of insurance Increase in number insured Insured demand more health care o Cost disease in service sector Most services are labor intesive and productivity in this sector has increased more than the goods market resulting in a relative price increase...
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