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PAM 203 homework 1 - Pam 2030 Population and Public Policy...

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Pam 2030 Ilana Edelman Population and Public Policy October 1, 2008 Homework #1 The population of Baltimore, Maryland Overall Baltimore is a very diverse community. Overall the population of Baltimore is wealthier than the average American population. People in Baltimore tend to have received more education than the average American. 88.1% of the population is high school graduates and 34.3% have attended college. The primary language spoken in Baltimore is English and far fewer people speak another language at home than the average American. Among those residents who are five years of age and older only 11.2% speak a language other than English at home. Overall the majority of people living in Baltimore were born within the United States and are not immigrants. Only 8.7% are foreign born whereas a larger percentage The population of Baltimore is 787, 384, which is split 47.5% male and 52.5% female. This is not as even as the U.S. average, which is closer to a 50/50, split male and female. The overwhelming majority of Baltimore residents categorize themselves as one race- 98.5% of people do so. Of this
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PAM 203 homework 1 - Pam 2030 Population and Public Policy...

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