Civic Values in Education

Civic Values in Education - more public spirited than...

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Civic Values in Education o The idea of the “common school” is deeply entrenched in American Values o The emotional attachment to publicly operated schools is very high o But: don’t private schools do the same thing? Private Schools in the U.S> o Less than 15% of all US school aged children are enrolled in private schools o Private schools are not subsidized with public funds o 90% of these are religious institutions of some sort o examining private schools access externalities selection of students o applications > slots o creaming high quality students away from public schools? Decreased voter support for public schools? Increased public per capita spending in public schools But, are public and private schools perfect substitutes? Unlikely: o Parents with strong parents for religious education o Parents with strong preference for public education o Are public schools actually producing students who are
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Unformatted text preview: more public spirited than private schools? Empirical data from the National Education Logitudinal Study (NELS) • Private schools educate a smaller percentage of minority students in the nation • But, private schools are less segregated than public schools • Minority students at private schools have better educational outcomes (less tacking and ability grouping?) • In terms of racial tolerance o Questions on survey • More racial tolerance at private schools • Holding socioeconomic status constant, priate schools are characterized by strong public spiritednesss • Students in private schools are more likely to volunteer, more likely to volunteer often • In terms of democratic values o Private schools are more likely to promote citizenship directly o Private schools are more likely to promote awareness of contemporary social issues...
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Civic Values in Education - more public spirited than...

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