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PAM 2030 Homework

PAM 2030 Homework - Ilana Edelman November 6 2008 PAM 2030...

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Ilana Edelman November 6, 2008 PAM 2030 Homework: Question 2 Crude Birth Rates, General Fertility Rates, and Total Fertility Rate Differences Between the United States and Maryland Overall the crude birth rate and general fertility rate for the United States and Maryland are very similar. The crude birth rates for the United States and Maryland are virtually identical, and on a graph overlap in most areas. The general fertility rates for the United States and Maryland are also similar though the United States has a slightly higher general fertility rate. The general fertility rate gives the number of live births to 1,000 women of childbearing age over the course of a year. In class we discussed that general fertility rates differ by race and this can give a clue into a slightly different racial composition between Maryland and the United States. The crude birth rate refers to the number of births per 1,000 people in a population. This number does not take into account age or sex differences. Since some of these 1,000 people are men and some
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