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Contract for Services PARTIES TO THE CONTRACT The First Party's name is The Perfect Party, a Partnership. The Second Party's name is Susan Greer , an individual. WHO HAS TO DO WHAT The Perfect Party and Susan Greer agree to the following: The Perfect Party agrees to create a customized party for Susan Greer at 515 Holly Lane on January 24, 2008. The services provided by The Perfect Party include personalized invitations, decorations for 2 room(s), party favors for 50 guests, and signs to direct guests to the party location. The Perfect Party will also supply plates, napkins, glasses, cutlery, table coverings, and table decorations for the refreshments that will be served. All supplies provided by The Perfect Party will be purchased at the published rates. The supplies will be consistent with a Hawaiian Luau theme. The Perfect Party will not supply any food or refreshments. The Perfect Party is responsible for setting up and taking down all decorations, signs, or other party related materials. In addition, the Perfect Party will supply, setup, and take
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Unformatted text preview: down all tables, [chairs, and tents. Tables, chairs, and tents will be rented from The Perfect Party at the published rates for the quantity ordered. The Perfect Party is not liable for any damages caused during the party by the party guests. Susan Greer agrees to pay $300 for the services provided by The Perfect Party. A deposit of one-half the total amount is required to reserve the supplies and services. Final payment is due on the day of the party. This agreement may be terminated as follows: This contract will terminate when the duties described above have been completed. MISCELLANEOUS Each party will be responsible for its own attorney's fees. This General Contract is entered into in the City of Dallas, County of Dallas, State of Texas. Signed: _________________________ Dated: _______________________ Signed: _________________________ Dated: _______________________ The Perfect Party 1I Contract-...
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