Lab Report - Making Soap

Lab Report - Making Soap - Objective In this lab activity...

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Support Stand Balance Hot Plate Filter Paper Beaker Tongs Glass Stirring Rods Vinegar Food Colouring Ring Clamp Soap Filter Paper Funnel Support Stand Beaker Glycerol Objective In this lab activity, the objective was to use the knowledge of esters and saponification to see how soap is made and explain the reactions and process involved in this formation. Examining triglycerides and fatty acids and the reaction with sodium hydroxide was also examined. Materials Lard NaOH Distilled Water Ethanol NaCl 4 Beakers Graduated Cylinder Ring Clamp Procedures The materials needed were prepared and organized: three beakers were labelled A, B, and C; the support stand and ring clamp were assembled; the other materials were arranged for a more precise and smooth experiment. All quantities of substances were measured using a scale balance. In beaker A (100mL), a mixture of 18 pellets of NaOH and 10mL of distilled water was stirred with a stirring rod for the pellets to dissolve. Beaker B (250mL) was a mixture of 15g of lard and 15mL of ethanol. Once the contents of beaker A were poured into beaker B, they were placed on a hot plate. The hot plate was set at medium temperature and the mixture was stirred for 20 minutes along with the heat. Once the reaction took place and the solution has a pudding- like consistency, food colouring/perfume could be added to give the soap colour and scent. Beaker C (100mL) was a mixture of 4g of NaCl and 20mL of cold distilled water. This was
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Lab Report - Making Soap - Objective In this lab activity...

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