Pharmaceutical Spectroscopy

Pharmaceutical Spectroscopy - Pharmaceutical Research...

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Pharmaceutical Research Spectroscopy Analytical Spectroscopist The pharmaceutical industry branches out into many different careers based on spectroscopy; however one of the main careers associated with the advancement and
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development of the pharmaceutical field is the analytical spectroscopist. Many job offers for analytical spectroscopist exist and they are widely sought after to improve and continue the research of pharmaceutical spectroscopy. Pharmaceutical chemistry involves the designing, researching, synthesizing, and developing pharmaceutical drugs. Infrared spectroscopy helps to determine the composition of a compound while protein and peptide analysis unravel how substances affect humans and how they can be beneficial to humans concerning the reactions that occur. Raman spectroscopy allows for the identiciation of molecules through a specific fingerprint and the study of chemical bonding changes. The Analytical Spectroscopist works closely with the other members of the Medication Database Laboratory (MDL) team to develop the Raman medication database and the classification algorithms. They are responsible for developing the acquisition and quality control protocols used in the development of the Raman database and they assist in the technical side of proposal development and quotes for non-standard products. Analytical spectroscopists provide Engineering the required product performance and specifications needed to meet customers’
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Pharmaceutical Spectroscopy - Pharmaceutical Research...

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