Notes 0126 - not be involved with the production of...

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Bowles and Edward- Dual Econ. Domhoff- Capitalist control Fusfelad- pp.22-28. Jhally- talking about the culture industry and tying it to democracy. Ownership over media. They have a relationship with the people who do. The media producs ideologies in order to maintain the status quo. Media are private institutions within this market that are designed to work for the public’s interest= Consciousness approach. The media defines the context (pg.65) Culture industry approach- mass production. It turns culture into a commodity. Domhoff is a sociologist. From his perspective its not about the media, but rather the economic issues. Jhally does a lot of work involving the cultural industry. Political economy is normative- it looks at things as how they ought to be, not just the way they are. Is is possible after reading jhally, to be an economic institution that produces culture and
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Unformatted text preview: not be involved with the production of ideologies. No, everything we purchase stems from some kind of cultural ideology. Persian rug. Why are people satisfied with being 80% of the population that… Use-value/ exchange value. Problems with industrialization of culture. Needs production, loosing jobs in our economy based on other countries ability to produce more. The quality of things suffer, planned obselecense, lose sight of things that really matter in your life, Top 1%= 40% wealth Top 20%= 92% wealth 80%= 9% Sweezy- the classes are not static. Nothing is keeping you from becoming the next bill gates. 30% begin with nothing 14%- less than 1 million 6% had greater then 1 million but less than 50 million 7%= > 50 million 43%- fortune 400. About all we have is the right and the freedom to try and move in between classes....
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Notes 0126 - not be involved with the production of...

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