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humn 1020, feb 4 - 19-28 Jose de Ribera Martyrdom of St...

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Unformatted text preview: 19-28 Jose de Ribera: Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew, 1639. Oil on panel. 19-30 Diego Velazquez, water carrier of Seville, ca.1619 19-33 Diego Velazquenz, Las Meninas, 1656 Most complex painting, many ways to come to this painting. Has to do with the same style of impressionism, which came afterward. Self-portrait because he included himself in a royal portrait. 19-36 Peter Paul Rubens, Arrival of Marie... at Marseilles, 1622-1625, Oil on canvas Arrival of Marie at Marseilles, after Florence of Italy, To join king Henry the IV of France, her husband. Effect of painting Confusing, busy, very vibrant, dynamic. ...
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