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“Spring” Concerto, From the Seasons (1725) The Seasons 4 Concertos for violin + String Baroque characteristics: Structural formality + single-minded intensity of emotion Use of basso continuo String Orchestra: Violins Violas Basso continuo section: Cellos, Basses, Harpsichord Baroque: Instrumental Concerto: From concertare: to bring together disparate musical elements 3-movement overall form: o Fast o Slow o Fast Vivaldi Spring concerto (seasons 1725), Movement 1: Allegro. Movement 2: Largo Movement #: Allegro (Danza Pastorale)
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Unformatted text preview: Form of an individual movement: • Organizes multiple musical ideas within a single movement • Presented in contrasting sections: o Ritornello o Solo • Held together by Key Structure o (The glue): Tonic (I) Dominant (V) Modulation (moving from one whole note to another one) Vocal Concerto: Handel, Messiah: Aria “Rejoice Greatly” (1742) 1. 2 formal techniques united by key structure • Concerto • De capo aria (A B A)...
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