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1 DISCUSSION SECTION FOR DR. CRESPIN’S POLITICAL SCIENCE 1101 SPRING 2008 TA: Greg Wolf Class Location E-mail: gregwolf@uga.edu F 11:15: Old College 100 Office Hours: M 2:20-3:20 Baldwin 101X F 1:25: Moore 102 F 12:10-1:10 Walker’s Café (Across from the Arch on College Ave.) CLASS FORMAT These discussion sessions will include, but are not limited to: • Expansion and reiteration of concepts from lecture and readings • Potential Pop Quizzes (only if I get the feeling people aren’t prepared for class) • Group Activities • Discussion and debate over current events relevant to the course • Presentation of video, Internet, or radio clips relevant to the course • Hand back/go over exams REQUIRED TEXT Choices: An American Government Reader (be sure to get the edition compiled by Dr. Crespin) The dates for specific readings from the reader are listed on page 4 of this syllabus. You are required to read the material to be discussed on a certain date prior to that class meeting. Failure to prepare for class will result in a reduction in the number of points you receive for your section grade. Grading is described below. E-MAIL COMMUNICATION Email is the best way to get in contact with me. I will send out important announcements and reminders over email, so please make sure to check your UGA account frequently. I will try to answer emails within a reasonable period of time (i.e. 24 hours). Additionally, I will not answer any emails sent the night before any of the exams. Please be somewhat formal in your emails to me (you don’t need to call me Mr. Wolf [in fact, please don’t], but please don’t call me ‘man’ or ‘dude’) and remember to sign your names. CLASSROOM POLICIES y There will be no texting/cell phone usage whatsoever. In a class this small it is distracting to everyone. y If you are going to take a phone call in the middle of class, leave the classroom. But make sure to take you things with and do not come back. Taking the call is one distraction and another won’t be needed when you reenter. If for some reason you are expecting an important phone call (i.e. some sort of emergency at home, job related) please inform me prior to the start of class so that I am aware of your situation. y
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