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Morgan 1 Kathleen Morgan Professor Waltonen English 101 November 27, 2007 The Female Lens Only recently has photography been a medium that has been able to tell the history of a person or place. The early 1900s marks the start of an important period of excellent photography, and one of those photographers was a woman—Dorothea Lange. Stress and struggle was not uncommon in a family in the early twentieth century, still, Lange managed to make her hobby into a career. Her photographs told stories, showed love and pain—emotions that normally would not be seen in a picture. Lange managed to travel the United States and show the discomfort of black and white men, women, and even children alike. She photographed them working in the fields, socializing outside of a store, spending time with their families, or even just sitting—gazing into misery— capturing so much more than the obvious. People are still using Lange’s photographs as a reference and to explain the history of America in the 1900s. Lange’s photographs are not only a piece of art, but they are also a source of history; through her life struggles as a woman living in the early twentieth century, she still managed to give people a better understanding of the events that took place. A big part of American history is the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. As a result, the Farm Security Administration (FSA) was formed to “…give technical aid and financial relief to distressed farmers and their families” (Sandler 74). Franklin Roosevelt, President at the time, picked a man to help organize a team that would be in charge of the
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Morgan 2 historical section, and on this team was Dorothea Lange (Sandler 74). Many of America’s greatest photographs came from Lange and other photographers that worked for the FSA. The job of these photographers was to photograph the pain and difficulty that farmers were having so the government would help them. Lange did a very good job, indeed; her photographs not only showed struggles of families, but the history of America. Author Martin Sandler describes Lange as, “…one of the most renowned American photographers” (76) because of her ability to capture the spirit of her object of affection. Not only did Lange photograph the poor and suffering, she also showed care for them treated her subjects with kindness. We can still see the history of the Great
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d lange - Morgan 1 Kathleen Morgan Professor Waltonen...

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