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Practice Exam 3

Practice Exam 3 - Nutritional Sciences Toxicology 10...

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December 10, 2007 Midterm Exam III - 50 questions The student is responsible to read and follow the instructions below. Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in 0 points earned on the exam. - Use only a #2 pencil to fill out your scantron. - No calculators or cell phones are allowed during the midterm. Please fill out the scantron exactly as instructed below: 1. Print your NAME on the line provided 2. Print your GSI’S FIRST NAME in the area marked SUBJECT 3. Print your SECTION NUMBER in the area marked PERIOD 4. From top to bottom, bubble in your STUDENT ID number in the ID FIELD - Choose the best answer for each question. - When finished, return your scantron to your GSI. Keep this copy of the question sheet. _____________________________________________________________________ 1. You have version A of the exam. Please mark A as the answer to question one. 2. Characterized by short bursts of power activity, American football and baseball generally involve what type or types of exercise? a. Aerobic b. Anaerobic c. A combination of aerobic and anaerobic d. Mostly aerobic but some anaerobic e. None of the above 3. Which of the following is an example provided in lecture of a historically deadly combination of starvation and infection/disease in humans? a. Anorexia nervosa b. Marasmus c. HIV/AIDS d. Kwashiorkor e. Scurvy 4. Sweating cools your body. How does this work? a. When the sweat drips off a person, he/she loses that amount of hot water. b. Sweating causes less blood flow to the skin, so the skin doesn’t feel so hot. c. Sweating cools the skin as the perspiration evaporates. d. Sweating causes increased respiration and loss of heat through the breath. e. Sweating causes loss of sodium and chloride, so the blood has fewer solutes. NST10 Fall 2007 Midterm 3 version A Page 1 of 10
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5. If there is a high concentration of solutes in the blood, the pituitary gland releases AntiDiuretic Hormone which causes________. a. reabsorption of sodium which increases blood volume and blood pressure b. water reabsorption from the kidney, which increases blood volume and blood pressure c. the fluid from the lymph to go into the bloodstream d. calcium uptake to increase blood clotting e. excretion of excess water 6. Deb has really bad acne and has started to take the drug Acutane to try and clear up her skin. Her doctor told her that while on Acutane she must take birth control pills because: a. The Vitamin A in Acutane causes your menstrual cycle to become irregular and take birth control pills will help regulate it. b. Acutane cases certain vitamin deficiencies and birth control pills are fortified with vitamins. c. Her doctor knows that once her skin clears up, she’ll get more dates, so she should be prepared. d.
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Practice Exam 3 - Nutritional Sciences Toxicology 10...

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