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exp 1 chem 3al - Bayabo, Jan-Kristine 1 Jan-Kristine Bayabo...

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Bayabo, Jan-Kristine 1 Jan-Kristine Bayabo Chemistry 3AL Section 504 February 13, 2009 EXPERIMENT #2: INVESTIGATING SOLUBILITY AND ACID-BASE REACTIONS Discussion: In Part 1 , most of the solvent pairs were recorded to have dissolved, mixing into a homogenous clear mixture. The only solvent pair that did not dissolve was water and hexane. Water and hexane formed two separate clear layers with the denser chemical on the bottom (water). The reason these two chemicals did not dissolve was because they did not fall under the “like dissolves like” category, meaning their chemical structures were very different (hexane is non-polar while water is non- polar). As for the solvent pairs that did dissolve, for some it was due to the induced dipole-induced dipole (such as with hexane and diethyl ether). As for the other solvent pairs not specifically mentioned that also dissolved had a dipole-induced dipole interaction occurring in the intermolecular level. In Part 2 , four out of six of the solvent pairs did not dissolve but instead formed two layers. The reason diethyl ether, ethyl acetate, dichloromethane and toluene did not dissolve in water was because they were all non-polar. Non-polar molecules do not interact with polar molecules such as water. On the other hand, acetone and ethanol did dissolve in water. All three are polar. Intermolecular forces were present in both cases—mainly hydrogen bonding (a dipole-dipole interaction). In Part 3 , ethanol was the only chemical recorded to have dissolved completely even after 25 drops. This implies that ethanol is miscible in water. As mentioned before, ethanol and water are both non-polar and consist of hydrogen bonding between molecules. 1-propanol dissolved in water after 5
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exp 1 chem 3al - Bayabo, Jan-Kristine 1 Jan-Kristine Bayabo...

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