acis 2504 exam 1 study guide

acis 2504 exam 1 study guide - Chapter 1 Vocabulary •...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Vocabulary • Spreadsheet – a worksheet • (Excel) workbook – excel files that represent the entire Excel project that may contain one or more worksheets, charts or graphs, macros, and other customizations • (Excel) worksheet – two dimensional table with a cell at the intersection of each column and row • Excel file extensions and file formats o .xlsx – excel 2007 xml workbook; default file extension and format o .xlsm – excel 2007 xml macro enabled workbook o .xltx – excel xml template o .xltm – excel xml macro enabled template o .xlsb – excel binary workbook; supports large complex workbooks o .xlam – excel xml macro enabled add in • (Excel) formula – a mathematical expression that uses other worksheet cell contents as inputs to the calculation or expression. Formulas that reference worksheet cell contents are the engines that drive the power, productivity, and flexibility supported by Excel • Quick Access Toolbar – provides a single location for users to access the most often used features with one click; resides to the right of the Office Button • cell format – the presentational style • cell value – data entered into the cell • conditional formatting – formatting applied to a cell if it meets one or more specific conditions • custom lists - You can use a custom list to sort or fill in a user-defined order. • sorting – lets you reorder your data • Error: ######### - when excel cannot display the entire numeric value in a cell in its specified format due to the column width being too narrow • Auto fill – enables the user to fill contiguous cells with a series of numbers or dates Chapter 1 Review Questions 1. What is the default file extension for Excel 2007 workbooks that do not contain macros?-.xlsx 2. What is the purpose of having a file format (extension) that does not support macros?-so that it does not recomputed everything-macros can contain viruses 3. What is the difference between a cell’s content (value) and its format? Use an example to explain. value – data entered into the cell Format – the presentation style.-the value is what’s actually in the cell, and the format is what it looks like. A value may appear different to the viewer as different formats are applied 4. How is conditional formatting different from regular cell formatting? conditional formatting – if a cell meets one or more specified conditions, a specific format is applied. Regular formatting-formats whatever you select, the cells value determines it’s format, conditional formatting-if the cell meets a certain condition then it takes on a format that you set for that condition. 5. What does the cell error ######## mean?...
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acis 2504 exam 1 study guide - Chapter 1 Vocabulary •...

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