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Lecture-06-08[1] - Normal force cont When the body presses...

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Normal force …cont When the body presses against the surface (support), the surface deforms and pushes on the body with a normal force ( F N ) that is perpendicular to the surface The nature of the normal force – reaction of the molecules and atoms to the deformation of material Example: Pulley and Inclined Plane A block of mass m 1 , constrained to move along a plane inclined at angle ϕ to the horizontal, is connected via a massless inextensible rope that passes over a massless pulley to a second block of mass m 2 . Assume the block is sliding up the inclined plane. The coefficient of kinetic friction is μ k . Assume the gravitational constant is g . Calculate the acceleration of the blocks.
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Solution: Pulley and Inclined Plane Coordinate system Free body force diagrams Solution: Pulley and Inclined Plane Constraint: Object on inclined plane: Suspended Object: Solution: T - m 1 g sin φ - μ k m 1 g cos φ = m 1 a 1 1 k 1 ˆ : sin T m g f m a φ - - = i 1 1 ˆ : cos 0 N m g φ - = j f k = μ k N = μ k m 1 g cos φ 2 2 2
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